1701 Veterans Memorial Parkway
St. Charles, MO 63303
(636) 724-3630
About us


About RV Marquette

I hope the following information will address your concerns and answer any questions you might have about RV Marquette & Mobile Home Park during your search for a suitable place to reside during your travels.

What we offer may be simple things, but they’re also the things that make all the difference in selecting an RV “home base.” RV Marquette’s in-park amenities are designed to provide comfort, relaxation, and safety for the traveling RVer interested in a quality RVing experience.

RV Marquette & Mobile Home Park is located in a valley adjacent to I-70 on Veterans Memorial Parkway at Hwy 94 in St. Charles, Mo. This convenience provides easy access to the vast number of nearby attractions, amenities and activities in the St. Charles and St. Louis areas. Whatever your priorities are, this prime area surely makes for a must-visit destination for full or part-time RVers.

If you choose RV Marquette as your “Home Base”:


Our Location :

Provides substantially more free time daily to visit the many areas that are loaded with local history.

Shortens your travel time between attractions and amenities so you can “See all there is to see.”
Gives you the extra time to capture on your Video/Digital camera more choices of exciting and original memories you’re creating. “Share the Journey.”
Offers you easy access to the uniqueness of the St. Charles and St. Louis areas and doing so affordably.

We are 5-10 min. to all St. Charles attractions and 23 min. to the Gateway Arch and all other downtown St. Louis attractions. (all direct highway I–70 East driving)


  Description of RV Marquette’s Basic Layout:
We are 10 acres located in a valley on Veteran’s Memorial Pkwy. and adjacent to I-70 at Hwy-94
Bordered on the east and west sides by vacant land
Bordered in the back by a subdivision
Wide concrete streets through out the entire park (no gravel, no dust)
24 RV lots – 5 of the RV sites have permanent tenants
74 mobile home lots (all tenants own their mobile homes)
RV sites are randomly spaced between permanent residents.
Dusk to Dawn lighting illuminates the entire park



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