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RV Rates

Daily Rate: $40.00 per day (RV Marquette pays utilities)
Weekly Rate: $160.00 per week (RV Marquette pays utilities)
There are 2 Monthly Rate Options:
Option 1
$450.00 per month (no other charges)
There is no electric deposit because I pay all of the utilities.
Option 2
$275.00 per month plus tenant pays:
A $ 100.00 electric deposit is needed because:
I have an agreement with the electric company to leave all of the RV sites electric on permanently under their Ameren UE Landlord Leave On Policy. They send me a summary sheet of the electric used by all RV sites as we’ll as an individual bill for each site.
Ameren reads the meter at the very end of the month.
Many tenants move on or before I get the electric bills.
I have to deduct the amount of electric used from your electric deposit and send the rest of what is left to the address you leave with me.
  Example: I don’t receive the RV sites electric bills for each month until the 3rd or 4th of the following month (and so on). If your electric bill is $ 52.00. I send you the $ 48.00 difference.

Cash, money order, cashier's check accepted.
No credit cards.


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